Fake VAs from others

Image "KiraNear:Yorkleff_Shiny_Gif.gif" Here you can see the fake VA's, which other people made for me. Next to every fave VA stands the name of the original maker.

Fake VA Original Maker
YinYangKing from Virtuadopt
Black Kyurem from Virtuadopt
ChiipS from Virtuadopt
badkidfreak from Virtuadopt
Nami-Blue from Animexx
KradNibeid from Animexx
sophel from Animexx
Kaguya from Animexx
Kaylien from Animexx
Image "http://i.imgur.com/CXXqNUr.png"Image "http://i.imgur.com/AWUXcrK.png"
Image "http://i.imgur.com/SwfAd30.png"Image "http://i.imgur.com/CnzeJk0.png"
Sen from Virtuadopt